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Furniture Stores in Dubai

When we first started looking for furniture stores to furnish our apartment, the same names kept coming up on internet searches and blogs. We were not very keen on the couches/sofas and beds we saw at IKEA, Home Center, Homes r US and any other large furniture stores, so we did a lot of research and visited many of the shops (online and physically). They all have furniture at different price levels and stuff that looked really good. Nonetheless, we wanted to make all our research available to YOU! The Dubai newbie, looking to furnish their place and not sure where to start.

The list below is in not particular order and we are in no way advertising for any of these stores. This is purely a list of shops you can look at when making your furniture decisions. If we have purchased from or interacted with any of these stores we will provide a note on this.

Important things to keep in mind

  • If you are visiting a smaller store’s website, don’t get excited by a piece and think that you will get it. These websites are often not updated with latest stock so often we would like something only to find out they don’t stock it any more, or they will have to order it from another country which can take anything from 3-8 weeks.
  • Of course if you like a piece and the shop has it in stock, go and check it out! Test it. Get a feel for it. Find out the warranty and guarantee available and whether it is valid internationally. Also confirm that they have brand new piece in stock that they will send you.
  • On warranty, if you get this response, “Don’t worry, if there is something wrong we will fix it”, then there probably isn’t any and you should be very sure that you want that product.
  • Its worth checking out reviews on Google Maps. Of course you will always see both negative and positive reviews, but try a get a feel for where other customers have had keys issues. e.g. faulty products, after-sales services, missing part with no corrective actions.
  • You can pick up some great deals during sales – and there are sales very often but also beware of some websites that always seem to have a sale price. They may be comparing the price of the original designer piece to their replica and advertising it as a huge saving.

Okay so here is our list of furniture stores:

Store NameGoogle Maps LinkWebsite Notes
IKEALinkLinkLarge store with almost everything you need for your home. Prices are great.
Home CentreLinkLinkLarge store. Can find some nice stylish pieces here.
Homes R Us LinkLink Large store. Some nice pieces. Affordable.
DanubeLinkLinkLarge store. Saw some nice beds here. Affordable.
United Furniture
LinkLinkDecent variety. Affordable prices.
Al HuzaifaLinkLinkThey cater for all tastes. They have different sections for different styles of furniture. Prices range from affordable to higher ranges.
EbarzaLinkLinkPurely online store – no showroom. You can arrange a visit to the warehouse to view specific pieces. We did not have a great experience with them but others seeemed happy with the service.
Link (Dubai)
Link (Mirdif)
Link (JBR)
LinkWe bought our low table and floor chairs from them and we love it. They are Japanese a store and keep everything from furniture to household products and clothing, all designed on the principle of simplicity.
Fusion by The OneLinkLinkWe have not visited this store. On the website they seemed to have some nice pieces.
ID DesignLinkLink They have some nice pieces on the website. When we called to enquire about one of them, they said it was not in stock anymore. Google Maps reviews are not great.
Life InteriorsLink LinkThey have some very nice designs on their website but they don’t have much of a showroom – its more of an office with some pieces displayed. They get their furniture made overseas so if its not in stock there will be a lead time. Prices seem affordable.
Bo ConceptLinkLinkThey have some very nice modern designs and prices are in the mid range. We bought our bed from them. Their service was professional and after sales services was good. There was some lead time on the side tables and headboard. Side tables were delivered exactly as promised and we expect the headboard in a month.
NatuzziLinkLinkVery beautiful Italian furniture! We bough their cheapest 3-seater couch on sale but the service was still great. Hatim was our sales person and we would suggest talking to him. There was another lady there that assisted with invoicing who insisted that Farhaan did not know how to spell his own name correctly and went on spell it her way on the invoice! Prices are in the higher ranges.
Objekts of DesignLinkLinkTheir website isn’t great so its best to the go the showroom. They have nice furniture in the mid price range.
GautierLinkLinkImported French furniture. They had some very nice beds in the mid-range pricing – but that was during the sale period. If they don’t have stock of what you want there will be a lead time on delivery.
CasanovaLinkLinkWe only saw their website and enquired about a couple of their couches. Their prices were way out of our range but they have some really beautiful furniture!
Ambiance FurnitureLinkLinkWe only saw the website which says their furniture is 100% Italiand. We would therefore assume that it is in the higher price range
Indigo LivingLinkLinkWe have only seen the website. Reviews on on Google Maps are not great, specifically around product quality and after-sales service.
Marina Home InteriorsLinkLinkWe have only seen the website and there are no prices provided there. They seem to have both modern and classic pieces. They are also mentioned on other lifestyle websites as one of Dubai’s top stores.
Pan EmiratesLink LinkWe visited their Fesitval City branch which felt a little crowded with all the furniture crammed into a small shop. They did have some nice pieces at affordable prices though.
The Comfort StoreLinkLinkPart of The Mattress Store they specialize in reclining couches and chairs. We bought our Lazy Boy recliner from them. Service was good and we got a very good deal on sale.

There obviously many more furniture stores in Dubai but this list is by far the most comprehensive we have seen on the Internet.

If you would like to contribute to this list, please send us the name of the store, the website address and some comments either through the comments below or through our contact form here.