Pakistan: Gilgit-Baltistan

We’ve spent the past month or so in the Northern regions of Pakistan most of which has been without any internet connection or network connectivity. This was no doubt the way it was meant to be as we whole heartedly immersed ourselves without distraction in an incredible drive starting from Islamabad into parts of Khyber Phakhtunkwa then into Kohistan and from there further North into the beautiful Gilgit-Baltistan region. We travelled the Karakorum Highway (KKH) silk route waiting along the way as landslides and avalanches blocked the roads. There were many of these and as soon as it opened again temporarily on the 2nd April, we drove the Khunjerab pass and reached the Pakistan-China border, our furthest point on the 398th day of our wonderful journey. At roughly 5000 metres it is the highest land border in the world both harrowing and breathtakingly beautiful. The weather changed dramatically for the worse quite quickly and we hurried back down as snow storms began. It felt like raging storms were following us and apparently the strange weather conditions are unusual for this time of year. Rains continued for days after. Many more road closures followed and we got comfortable in the villages of Pasu and Gulmit for a further 8 days waiting for an opportunity to head out. When we eventually drove out of the Hunza valley, we explored Skardu and surrounds as the weather warmed up. We crossed from chilly temperatures to scorching hot weather in just a day. Majestic mountains and lush green landscapes, fairytale valley’s filled with cherry blossoms and pine forests, silvery deserts and dunes, rivers snaking through the entire country sometimes blue, sometimes green and every now and then so crystal clear that river beds are visible from high above, intricately designed stone walls, huts and stepped farmlands, and the most amazingly kind and gentle people. Pakistan is truly one amazing piece of God’s beautiful playground. It has several worlds all rolled into one and we are feeling incredibly touched to have experienced a small part of it. Here is our pick from this incredible part of our journey.

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