Step 1: Find a Car!

We needed the right vehicle to take us on this journey. So after much Defender vs Cruiser research we agreed that the Land Cruiser was the right option. After much search and little looking, this r 76 Series Station Wagon caught our eyes and our hearts.


We purchased and started researching options for overland preparation.

Enter Paul…

We had no idea how to build a vehicle for overlanding. Thankfully, a colleague at Farhaan’s new job heard about our plans and mentioned his friend from the UK who used to build expedition vehicles there! – Alhamdulillah!

So we met Paul Marsh, and after a few meetings were on our way to putting down a list of requirements. He agreed to project manage the build of the vehicle due to his knowledge, experience and contacts in the industry. Due to Paul’s location, we decided to do the build in Cape Town.

home is where we stop…

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