Step 2: Build a Truck

After buying the truck and meeting with Paul, we started the process of identifying requirements, designing the layout of the truck and sourcing the products required to build a truck that we would be living out of and would be customised to our needs.

The most important part of the build was to find a fitment centre in Cape Town that would be able install products as well as build customised products e.g. cupboards, load guards and storage shelves.

After much research we found R&D Offroad, Paul met with them and explained the quality requirements for fitting out an overland expedition truck and we agreed to start the work.

The truck was in Cape Town from February 2014 until December 2014. During this time some work was done by a company called AluCab and then moved to R&D Offroad where the main build project started in June 2014.

It took 3 test trips (in and around Cape Town) with the truck to ensure that everything was built according to our requirements and that all snags were rectified.

We drove back to Johannesburg in December 2014.

Some of the brands used in the vehicle are:


       nationalunaLogo             escape_gear           firstyker         leathermanlogo        omelogowarnlogo         

Big Country 4x4    GPS Mapping Technologies - DeLorme      Takla Products Logo     

T4A Logo  

Maxtrax - take the easy way out!



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