Nuri Sushi

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Instagram is one of the places to find restaurants to try out. The more people post about a place the higher the chances are of it being good (at least that’s the theory). Nuri Sushi was a test of this theory.

Entrance on Parliament Street
Entrance on Parliament Street

Location it is located in Cape Town CBD on Parliament Street.  Their website says they have another branch in Sea Point too. Parliament street is a very narrow street and even though parking was stressful, we did find a spot very close to the restaurant. Street parking in Cape Town is quite expensive, we paid just over R13.00 per hour.


The restaurant has a cafeteria hall type layout but does have a trendy feel through the use of wallpaper, a high top bar table that divides the space in half, street lamp styled lighting and the use of black and white colours.

Restaurant Layout
Restaurant Layout

Food and Service

We were not greeted by anybody when we entered so just picked an empty table and sat. We asked for menus and once we had decided, struggled to get a waiter to attend to us.

Botha Platter
Botha Platter

We ordered the Botha Platter to share and enjoyed all of it. We wouldn’t say that it was the best sushi ever, but definitely quite tasty and at a good price.

The Downside

Service was definitely not up to scratch here. Our waiter didn’t ask us if we would like anything to drink and struggled to get his attention. The same went for getting the bill.

Overall, it’s definitely a place to try out sushi that is different to your normal sushi joints.

The Details


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All reviews are our own experience of the establishment. We are not in anyway influenced by any third party in what we have written above.

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