A pebble for your thoughts

We spent our first morning in Georgia on the tranquil shores of the Black sea. It is in stark contrast to the Mediterranean as there is no white sand and blue waters.

But this is what makes its beauty so unique. The horizon line is quite close so the setting feels intimate. There is not a soul on the beach and the silence is so intense that it feels like you are listening to the water breath. Calm deep breaths with no waves and dark glistening water. The sun never feels bright but lights the water to a perfect shimmer.

And then there are the stones on the shore. Their detailed beauty caught me by surprise. Millions of pebbles and rocks. Up close the colours, shapes, textures and patterns seem random, but from afar the clustering according to size is noticeable.

I was mesmerised by the pebbles, thousands of them all completely unique. How unfathomable it was that these stones, each of them subject daily to the same conditions, the same ebb and flow, the same wind would each turn out so unique and beautiful.

From dark emerald greens to soft pinks and everything in between. Dotted, striped, rounded, smoothed, jagged, squared and it went on. Just a pebble, definitely not just a pebble.